She Shares Impact

On December 1st, She Shares giving circle members heard from various departments at St. Mary's General Hospital and voted to fund a thyroid probe replacement for the Nuclear Medicine Lab, two standard centrifuges for the Core Lab, along with two sanitary product dispensers, and four additional morgue stretchers.


$88,400 FUNDED

Thank you to the women of She Shares for their time, as well as their generous contributions to local healthcare.
Thyroid Probe - Funded

Thyroid Probe Replacement


Lab Centrifuge - Funded

2X Laboratory Centrifuges


Sanitary Dispensers

2X Sanitary Product Dispensers


Morgue Stretchers - Funded

4X Morgue Stretchers


Special thanks to Christine Henhoeffer, Jennifer Goncalves, Lorna Blair, Sally Walden, and Dianne Moser for generously offering an additional $20,000 to fund four morgue stretchers at the hospital, for a grand total of $88,400 funded by She Shares members in 2022.


CHEM LAB - 2X Blood Analyzers
EMERGENCY - Breast Pump
$26,300 FUNDED


EMERGENCY - Gynecological Stretcher
ENVIRO SERVICES - 3X Riding Floor Washers
$32,720 FUNDED


MDRD - Washer / Disinfector
$35,000 FUNDED


LAB - Replacement Platelet Incubator / Agitator
$25,000 FUNDED

To date, this group of inspiring women has raised over $207,000 for St. Mary’s General Hospital.

Currently, St. Mary's Regional Cardiac Care Centre serves over 1.2 million people from across Southwestern Ontario. Without the support of She Shares, St. Mary’s can’t expand its capacity to care for a growing and aging population. Like all Ontario hospitals, 100% of the cost of new and replacement medical equipment is purchased with donated funds.