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She Shares Giving Circle

She Shares is a circle of like-minded women who, together, are making a real impact on the health of the community - by directly investing in local healthcare at St. Mary's General Hospital.

Individual membership is an investment in healthcare at St. Mary’s General Hospital. Members enjoy several benefits throughout the year, including education and social events.

You. Together. Making a difference.

Join the women's giving circle by committing to a minimum annual donation. Your donation is pooled with all the other members and together you vote on the projects and/or equipment to fund. Funds are granted annually to St. Mary's in support of healthcare for our community.
she shares member smiling at table
hospital operation room equipment EP lab with staff

Supporting local healthcare.

Currently, St. Mary's Regional Cardiac Care Centre serves over 1.2 million people from across Southwestern Ontario. Without the support of She Shares, St. Mary’s can’t expand its capacity to care for a growing and aging population. Like all Ontario hospitals, 100% of the cost of new and replacement medical equipment is purchased with donated funds.

Hear from our founding members.

“As a founding member of the She Shares Giving Circle Committee, I am inspired by the women involved in this initiative. I am so proud that we can bring joy to the staff when we fund some of the behind-the-scenes projects at St. Mary’s hospital that would not otherwise get funded.”
- Heather Motz, She Shares Committee Member
She Shares Committee Members (2023)
Current She Shares Committee pictured (left to right): Michele Way, Cathy Brothers, Heather Motz, Sue Hallman (Chair), Dianne Moser, Sally Walden.

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